To continue our growth as a world-leader in higher education and research in the areas of digital media, simulation, and interactive computer technologies.

Institutional Mission

To provide an exemplary education and to further research in digital media, simulation, and interactive computer technologies by teaching the academic fundamentals and applied theory necessary for our students to lead, innovate, and advance these industries. Through the work of our students, faculty and staff, we strive to empower and inspire these industries on a global level.

Building on a strong foundation rooted in academics and industry experience, we challenge our students to apply their knowledge towards the creation of real-world products for the ever-advancing demands of a technological society. Embracing teamwork and creative exploration, our mission is to produce highly qualified leaders and originators who will instigate growth, productivity, innovation, and success in their professions and industries.

Core Values

DigiPen Institute of Technology holds certain values that guide it and endure through the changing environment in which it operates:

  • Excellence — Promoting excellence by preparing graduates with a solid foundation based on industry standards and professional ethics.
  • Diversity — Respecting social, cultural, gender and age diversity among students, faculty and staff by raising awareness and endorsing tolerance and acceptance.
  • Success — Valuing the life-long academic and personal success of students, faculty and staff by providing a strong alumni program and strengthening our relationships within and outside of the industry.
  • Innovation — Encouraging creativity among students, faculty and staff by seeking new, flexible, and responsive ways to achieve our mission and reach new heights.
  • Support — Endorsing a supportive environment for students, faculty and staff by emphasizing teamwork, collaboration, professional and academic support, and mutual respect.
  • Academic Freedom — Providing an energetic atmosphere by advocating intellectual inquiry, academic freedom, an open exchange of ideas, the application of knowledge, and the promotion of ongoing research and development.
  • Collaboration — Fostering collaboration and building partnerships with academic and industry groups to continue our growth, relevance and success.
  • Integrity — Instilling the importance of professionalism, accountability and ethics among our students, faculty and staff.

These values are reflected in the daily operation of the school and in the quality of the work and services produced by students, faculty, and staff.

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