SAT Dec 9

In addition to the featured panels offered at the Film Summit on Sunday, we’ve got a great line up of presenters and other programs attendees can also enjoy on Saturday.  CLICK HERE for the complete Saturday schedule.

9-10 AM: Strategic Story Telling
Saturday, 12/9

This one-hour class with long-time industry executive Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss explores the why and how to tell stories that have impact. Read more.

10-11 AM: Navigating the Hollywood Script Maze
Saturday, 12/9

Studio executive and heavy-hitter Christopher Lockhart takes you through a demystifying look at the process of getting your screenplay in, through, and out of the Hollywood script maze.  Read more.

11-NOON: Taking Your Writing to a Professional Level       Geoff Miller, Northwest Screenwriters Guild moderates this panel of professional scriptwriters and executives working and living in Los Angeles. Read more.

NOON-1 PM: As If
Saturday, 12/9

Long-time film professional Stacey Adams helps filmmakers with honing and strengthening pitch skills. Read more.

1-2 PM: The GPS of Storytelling
Saturday, 12/9
Every movie begins with an idea but not every idea ends in a movie. Join screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez as he helps filmmakers locate, map and road test your story on the route to a completed script. Read more.

2-3 PM: Abundant Story Playground
Saturday, 12/9
Abundant Story Playground is back! Join moderator Lorraine Montez as she takes writers, filmmakers and actors in one of the funnest, purest most creative and effective ways to get your story stronger, your acting keener, and your film-making/producer mind going .  Read more.


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