Navigating the Hollywood Script Maze

10-11 AM, Saturday, December 9 
Navigating the Hollywood Script Maze

Christopher Lockhart demystifies the process of getting your screenplay in, through, and out of the Hollywood script maze.   There is no right way to do anything in the movie business, but there are smarter strategies.

What does the journey of a script look like as it makes its way through the maze? What should you be writing?

  • How should you be marketing yourself?
  • What’s the difference between an agent and manager?  What kind of material are they looking for?
  • How do you approach them?
  • How effective are contests, script consultants, and reading services?
  •  Should you be sending it to producers or actors?
  • How can you do all this from outside of Hollywood?

Come with questions about your own journey to share and discuss.

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