Story Playground

2-3 PM, Saturday, December 9 
Abundant’s Story Playground

Abundant Story Playground is back! Join moderator Lorraine Montez as she takes writers, filmmakers and actors in one of the funnest, purest most creative and effective ways to get your story stronger, your acting keener, and your film-making/producer mind going .
1. “Last Stop on the 358,” Kira SIpler
2.  TBD
Actors who want to play at Playground:
a) Wear comfortable clothes.
b) Be prepared to frigid read (i.e., read for the first time while performing), cold read, improve, help define/delve into character motivations, desires, etc.
c) Be prepared to play male or female, young, old or anything in between.
d) Be prepared to be side coached by writer and/or moderator serving as director at writer’s request.
Have fun while furthering your experience/talent
Please note: there’s no guarantee of acting in Playground; all roles depend on characters in featured scripts and other factors.


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