Ben Yennie

CEO, Guerrilla Rep Media
Presenter, Panelist, 1:1 Meetings
Seattle Film Summit   

Ben Yennie is the Founder and CEO of Guerrilla Rep Media, Co-Founder and CMO of ProductionNext, and Founder/Executive Director of Producer Foundry.  He’s also the author of “The Guerrilla Rep: American Film Market Distribution Success on No Budget” the first ever book on film markets, “The Entreprenuerial Producer: 21 Articles on Growing your Filmmaking Career” and “The State of the Film Industry Report”

Through Guerilla Rep Media, Ben as negotiated distribution deals for six feature films in three years. The films are currently be appearing on Starz and other major outlets across the globe soon.  His clients Include Christopher Coppola, and films that starred Marvel’s Luke Cage.  

Guerrilla Rep media is an independent film producer’s representation company that officially launched with the book “The Guerrilla Rep: American Film Market Success on No Budget.”  The book has been used in 10 film schools, and is now in its second edition and as an audiobook.

ProductionNext is a new set of cloud-based next generation tools designed specifically  for the film industry.  ProductionNext just opened it’s doors to the public, and is already in use on all 7 continents.

As Executive Director of Producer Foundry, and has produced more than 50 events on film finance and distribution.  He’s worked with industry professionals such as Lew Horowitz (the inventor of IndieFilm Gap Financing), and Jeff Dowd (executive producer of “Blood Simple,” “Fern Gully,” and inspiration for The Dude from the “Big Lebowskil”).

Ben’s also been featured in CNN Money, Indie Film Hustle (the #1 filmmaking podcast on iTunes), the Indie Film Academy’s Secrets to Selling your First Film Summit, and The Deseret News. He’s also a contributor to IndieWire, Hope For, and Cinesource magazine.

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