Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss

Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss
Strategy Leader
Presenter, Saturday, December 9
Seattle Film Summit

Bonnie brings decades of experience as an award-winning production executive with a proven track record of using storytelling to change opinions and lead people to action.

In addition to working with the film industry’s greatest brands and creative leaders, including Disney, CNN, HBO, PBS, Discovery and National Geographic, Bonnie has vast experience bringing the public and private sectors together to build and implement campaigns – all in the service of amplifying shared value, driving impact and contributing to a more equitable world. Bonnie’s campaign experience includes multiplatform projects focused on educating girls in the developing world to fight poverty, the promise and perils of Big Data, global health, environmental stewardship, destigmatizing nuclear power, gun violence, the high school graduation rate in the U.S., and supporting our veterans and their families.

Bonnie’s current consultancy work includes supporting the World Bank’s efforts to tackle pandemic preparedness, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s work to launch The Harvard Learning Lab dedicated to the prevention of intimate partner violence, Howard Hughes Medical Institute’ Tangled Bank Studios efforts to build a constituency who understands the important of ecology and the rules of nature, in order to fix it, and Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique to ignite a global conversation around women in conservation.

Bonnie ran Vulcan Production’s documentary division, the independent media company founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen, noted for telling powerful stories and campaigns to help audiences understand the world around them, respond to challenges and bring about lasting change.  Prior to Vulcan Productions, Bonnie was Manager of Creative Development and Business Administration at the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida. She began her career as Director of Research and Development for public affairs programming for WNET in New York.

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