Kate Imel

Director of Development, Film and TV
Adaptive Studios
Presenter and 1:1 Meetings, Seattle Film Summit

Kate currently acts as the Director of Development, Film and TV at Adaptive Studios focusing on acquiring material in the publishing space and transitioning those projects into Film and TV properties. During her time at Adaptive, she has successfully set projects up with Fox Hybrid Animation alongside 21 Laps and FX and is currently packaging several projects for Film and TV.

Prior to her current role, Imel worked for Temple Hill Entertainment where she aided in the development and production of Fox’s Rosewood, Maze Runner, The Longest Ride and Lionsgate’s Power Rangers. Before that, she was an assistant in the Motion Picture Literary Department at CAA where she aided writers and directors in packaging their material for film.

Like many Hollywood executives, Imel began her career in the mail room at ICM Partners, where she eventually transitioned to the Media Rights department, working under the head of the division who sold book projects to film/TV.

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