Stacey Adams


Stacey Adams
Vice President, Current Programming at ABC Disney
Panelist, Seattle Film Summit


Stacey Adams, Vice President, Current Programming at ABC Disney, has worked in television and film for 25 years, which must mean she started when she was 10.

She started as a theater producer in New York, followed by many jobs to make ends meet – from messenger to server at an Argentine restaurant – all the while studying acting, directing and writing and producing plays in basements in the East Village. Somewhere along the way, she was lucky enough to be hired by Director Ken Olin and learned the ropes from him for over six years as a Director’s Assistant. From there, she worked as a Director of Drama Development at Paramount Studios, which became CBS Studios, where she continued with CBS Network as a VP of Current Programming, covering “The Big Bang Theory,” “CSI, Numbers,” “Criminal Minds,” “Medium,” “Ghost Whisperer” and others.

At this point, her story headed Northwest, where she moved with her family to beautiful Seattle. Even though the blanket of rain was heavy at times, Stacey threw herself out there in her hyper-extroverted LA way, making a fool of herself at every turn, but managing to befriend Producer-Director Ben Andrews and The Film School Executive Director Diana Dotter, who let her teach writing and pitching workshops. She then was privileged to teach film and TV workshops for the Seattle public middle schools.

In 2018, Stacey went back to work as an executive at ABC Disney (see above), where she oversees “A Million Little Things,” “For The People,” “The Fix” and “Station 19.”  She loves TV and will blab about it all day long if permitted.

Hear Stacey blab (a.k.a. give you critical info on breaking into TV and film) at the 2018 Seattle Film Summit in the Saturday, November 17, Pitching to the Studios class.

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