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Pitch, Hit!
Pitch Session at Seattle Film Summit 2017

Pitching is a hybrid of skills involving the use of the right and left brain. Learn important best practices, tips and tools to create a winning pitch from the industry pros.

The deadline for submitting to be considered to pitch was November 8. But don’t let that stop you from attending! You can learn lots by watching and noting best practices for your future pitches from some of LAs best!

For those participants chosen to pitch, it is highly recommended you register your concept, treatment, outline or script with the Writers Guild of America as well as copyright it before you present at the Summit.

Participants have an opportunity to do a two-minute pitch during this panel and will:

  • Get seen face-to-face with industry professionals 
  • Receive feedback on scripts or concepts
  • Discover the marketability of your story
    • Is it producer-interest ready?
    • Where does it fit best  in the market (film, TV-cable, network, etc. streaming services)?
    • Hone your pitching skills

Space is limited–filling out the form does not constitute a guarantee you are scheduled. A separate confirmation will be sent to participants after form is submitted. 

Disclaimer: Seattle Film Summit is not responsible for materials, log lines, concepts, footage, photographs or other information related to story lines or properties being submitted for consideration to pitch, nor for chose chosen to pitch, from being duplicated or pirated. Register your work with the WGA and copyright it.

Those wishing to pitch must also register for the event.

Deadline for submission November 8.
  • Those chosen to pitch will be invited to a free private pitch training conducted by Stacey Adams (Former Development and Current Executive at CBS Network and Studios) and Diana Dotter (Producer & ED at TheFilmSchool) on November 18, from 11 am to 3 pm.
  • It is highly recommended that those pitching attend the workshop so you are set up for maximum success at the Summit. Please plan accordingly when submitting.

How the Pitch Panel Works

Audience members will watch real-time pitches from other Summit participants. Everyone will learn how to pitch or hone and strengthen pitching skills.

Participants scheduled to pitch will be invited on stage to pitch. Each person has two minutes to pitch his/her idea to our panel of experts.

The panelists will then have several minutes to ask questions and critique the pitch.

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