Sharks vs. Jets – Saturday Sept 27th – 12:30pm
Seattle’s booming tech industry and vibrant design scene offer unique opportunities for filmmakers. If the future of the web is the moving image, Seattle is where that future is being built and designed. Learn and discuss where film fits into the picture.

Dan Pepper’s 25-year career path through graphic design, film& television production, digital media and software design is itself a metaphor for the evolution of technology and storytelling. After earning degrees in graphic design, television & film, Dan landed in Seattle to learn the ropes of the film & video production business. Over the next decade, he co-founded Rocket Pictures, one of the first commercially successful digital broadcast editorial companies on the west coast serving creative agencies, networks, major studios and independent filmmakers. As emerging technologies offered new business opportunities and creative paradigms Dan was inspired to found digital content businesses including, and Today, he is Partner at Tectonic, a Seattle/Boston based design studio that crafts next-gen software experiences for brands including Bang & Olufsen, Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft, Beats by Dr. Dre, Xbox, and many others.

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