The Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival is dedicated to the exhibition of independent, underground, experimental and zero budget films and transmedia projects. The festival endeavors to provide cultural exchange and educational opportunities by bringing a diverse selection of digital storytelling to the area and provide a place for networking between local artists, visiting artists and the public.

STIFF serves up a potent blend of truly indie film and transmedia storytelling – last year’s event showcased over 130 films – plus alternative music happenings, wild parties, and after-hours shenanigans. Festival organizers strive to put on a first-rate, smoothly run event and to provide opportunities to help digital storytellers attain their goals, gain distribution, press, or a wider audience for their projects. Artists in ten categories will be honored and take home a “STIFFY” award trophy.

Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival is held at multiple venues throughout Seattle over 9 days filled with screenings, networking opportunities and parties. It is a celebration of off-beat transmedia and independent film from the Northwest and the rest of the world.