The Team

Ben Andrews, Founder

Ben’s a self-described “hunter, gatherer and thrower of pine cones.”

The team describes him as a visionary, who also happens to be a prolific filmmaker, actor and writer. He’s also fun at parties…. or pretty much anywhere.

He’s done a ton of stuff in front of and behind the camera. You can check most of it out here.

If you ask him about his biggest passion right now, don’t be surprised if he mentions the incredible world and fascinating story he’s created with his TV vampire thriller, “Bloodletter.”


 Jonathan H. Keasey, Partner

Jonathan is a WGA writer who has written for some of Hollywood’s most exciting actors and directors.  He is also a producer and professor who is schooling the rest of the team on how to get kick-ass stories out of  scripts.  He splits his time between Los Angeles and Seattle. The team misses him while also being envious of his exposure to sun when he’s in the City of Angels.



Kira Sipler, Logistical Producer

After working in the corporate life of dotcoms, running her own massage therapy business, completing in a few marathons and triathlons, and driving forklifts, Kira thought she’d do something “easier” for a change and pursue her love of movies as a writer, producer, director and general set wrangler.

She surrounds herself with as many creative souls and good wine as possible, and her teammates are so happy she does, especially when she shares the wine.

Blending her love of storytelling and road trips, she is also Co-Founder of Jouska Road Productions.  Some of her work can be seen here.

Marissa Fujimoto, Digital Media Producer

Marissa is the founder of Bear Bear Productions and co-owns Screaming Flea Creative Media. What she won’t tell you but our teammates will, is that she’s an awesome producer and filmmaker.

You can see some of her most notable projects here.

Her passion project is to spotlight the treatment of Japanese in internment camps during WWII. Her own family was interred and her goal is to educate younger generations and preserve the stories of aging survivors.

Genevieve Trainor, Marketing Communications

Genevieve is not only a talented marketing professional with gobs of experience, she’s a fabulous actor as well. She’s helped the Summit reach new heights with its marketing and communications goals.





Chad Hutson, PR & Media Relations

Chad is a former journalist and professional photographer who was too damn opinionated to last long in that profession.

He is a screenwriter trapped inside the body of an award-winning marketing/communications pro.

His most recent screenplay was a quarter finalist in the BlueCat screenwriting competition.

Not bored yet with this guy? Check his work out here.

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