Brent Stiefel

Founder and CEO


Panelist, Seattle Film Summit

Originally an East-Coaster, Brent Stiefel didn’t intend to start a career in film (or in the PNW) when he moved to Seattle to get his MBA at U-Dub 14 years ago.

“The creative energy here is just so big. There’s just something here […] that just gets people to create things,” Brent said during a 2017 SIFFcast interview.

In 2010 – and calling Seattle home at this point – Brent founded VOTIV, a music, film and entertainment firm that specializes in independent, boundary-pushing arts and ventures. Brent initially focused VOTIV on music, and then the company found its film legs: Through VOTIV, he has produced several high-profile independent feature films that have garnered the attention of film festivals and award ceremonies alike. Brent is best known for his work on “Free in Deed” (nominated for four 2017 Independent Spirit Awards), “As You Are” (2016 Sundance Special Jury Award winner) and “Obvious Child” (nominated for two 2015 Independent Spirit Awards).

He’s also the co-founder of and a partner at Onto Entertainment, a record label and band management company representing such artists as The Lumineers. If that’s not enough, he’s the co-founder and chairman of Distiller, an app that helps users find spirits (the drinking kind); he’s a SIFF board member; and he’s a partner at Signal Snowboards. (Phew!)

At the 2018 Seattle Film Summit, Brent will share his insights on financing projects and how to, as he said in the above-noted SIFFcast interview, “find the intersection of art and commerce that can hopefully sustain a long-term business model.”

See Brent’s IMDb credits for more info on the projects he’s working on.

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