Kevin Parker

Artists First

Panelist, Seattle Film Summit

Kevin Parker’s success in the film industry started in the proverbial mailroom in 1999, after graduating from Morehouse College with a sociology degree. But it wasn’t just any mailroom: It was the Artist Management Group (AMG) mailroom – right after CAA co-founder Michael Ovitz founded AMG.

AMG “was a cross-section of absolutely everything in entertainment,” Kevin told the “Hollywood Reporter” in a 2017 interview. “Everybody would be in the office. You had DiCaprio and Scorsese, but you also had Serena Williams.” And Ovitz ensured that every staffer knew as much as possible. “They made sure we had mentorship,” Kevin said.

While the company lasted just three years, Kevin’s on-the-job, trial-by-fire training served as a catalyst for his work as a producer for networks such as MTV, CMT, VH1 and NBC and in his work as a writer on the television series “Wild ‘N Out.”

Now, as a manager at Artists First, Kevin puts the principles he learned over the past two decades to use by building his clients’ careers. He takes a unique approach in focusing on their creative, business and production endeavors to help them achieve their artistic goals. His client list includes names such as comedian Billy Sorrells, director and showrunner Bennet Silverman, production company Magic Lemonade, as well as writer and comedian Elna Baker.

Kevin will provide PNW filmmakers with tangible steps to take in professional development and film career management at the 2018 Seattle Film Summit.

For more info, see Kevin’s IMDb credits.

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