Seattle Media Ventures

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Seattle Media Ventures is an instrument for good, creating content that serves as an example of love, respect, and of God’s grace.  We support people and projects created to inspire, uplift, and create a new paradigm by amplifying the voices of the underrepresented.


Seattle Media Ventures, Inc. works to bring culturally diverse entertainment content to the global market. We invest in and develop projects in digital media entertainment and AR/VR that helps educate the masses on the plight of women, and of People of Color (POCs).  Our work uplifts humanity, fosters understanding between peoples of all races, identities, and abilities, reflects a true commitment to inclusivity, and provides an opportunity for unique voices to be heard.


  • Seattle Media Ventures’ primary activity is creating, optioning, and developing television and new media entertainment.  

  • SMV works both independently, and in partnership with studios, domestic and international television networks, new media entertainment groups, brands, and independent production houses. 

  • Our focus is on high-concept episodic drama and comedy, of any length. 

  • Specifically, we’re looking for projects that have completed teleplays, series bibles, and/or formats, and web series that can be developed for television.  A look book or completed episodes are helpful, but not necessary.