Zooppa is the global social network for creative talent. We are the world’s leading source of user-generated advertising, committed to the vision of real people and innovative brands working together. Zooppa was founded in 2007 near Venice, Italy. Following a successful start in Italy, Zooppa launched in the U.S. in December 2008. From its global headquarters in Seattle, Zooppa has expanded rapidly, enabling major brands and their ad agencies to produce great content with creative talent worldwide.

How does it work?

Zooppa partners with companies to bring our community members opportunities to create great ads for leading brands. Companies develop a creative brief describing their brand’s attributes, the target audience, and the objectives of the campaign. Community members are then invited to create content in various formats. For example, producing a viral video, designing an animated sequence, creating a print ad, even writing scripts or concepts for potential ads.

Once members upload their work, clients generally select and award the best content, but many campaigns also allow community members to vote on submissions in order to determine additional award–winners. Zooppa awards cash and special prizes to the creators based on selections from the client.


The Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival is dedicated to the exhibition of independent, underground, experimental and zero budget films and transmedia projects. The festival endeavors to provide cultural exchange and educational opportunities by bringing a diverse selection of digital storytelling to the area and provide a place for networking between local artists, visiting artists and the public.

STIFF serves up a potent blend of truly indie film and transmedia storytelling – last year’s event showcased over 130 films – plus alternative music happenings, wild parties, and after-hours shenanigans. Festival organizers strive to put on a first-rate, smoothly run event and to provide opportunities to help digital storytellers attain their goals, gain distribution, press, or a wider audience for their projects. Artists in ten categories will be honored and take home a “STIFFY” award trophy.

Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival is held at multiple venues throughout Seattle over 9 days filled with screenings, networking opportunities and parties. It is a celebration of off-beat transmedia and independent film from the Northwest and the rest of the world.


Seattle Film Summit – Saturday October 3rd 3:30pm – 4:30pm – NWFF

As we all know SB 6027 (the bill to increase funding for the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program) was not included in the final senate budget.  So what’s next? There is no doubt that the film industry community has raised awareness in Olympia and beyond. But is there a new plan? Please attend as our panelists discuss opportunities and plan for what is next for our industry.

Panelists: Scilla Andreen, Diana Dotter, Amy Lillard  Moderator: Courtney Sheehan

Scilla Head Shot






Scilla, CEO and Co-Founder of IndieFlix, is an award-winning filmmaker, Emmy-nominated costume designer, and tireless champion of independent film. Frustrated by complicated and one-sided distribution deals, Scilla co-founded IndieFlix in 2005 and over the years it has become one of the most meaningful global online streaming platforms in the industry. Scilla is a popular speaker on the festival circuit and is relentless in her mission to help filmmakers translate their artistic vision into commercial success. Scilla sits on the board of The Film School and resides with her two children and dog in Seattle.

Diana Dotter






Diana is the Executive Director of TheFilmSchool and a senior creative leader with two decades of experience in entertainment media, marketing and business strategy. Diana Co-Produced the feature film: “Zaytoun”, which was chosen for Special Presentation at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, screened at London Film Festival and AFI and currently available on Netflix. As head of the Digital Media Innovation lab, Diana recently produced “Signs Everywhere” and “El Camino Solo” (debuting at Sun Valley, Sarasota and Champs Elysees Film Festivals).

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Amy is the Executive Director of Washington Filmworks and has been with the program since it launched in 2007.  Under her leadership, WF has helped over 90 film projects complete principal photography, which have brought an estimated 242 Million dollars to the statewide economy.

Amy Lillard started her career as an independent film publicist out of New York and Los Angeles designing the release campaigns for groundbreaking films such at “The Blair Witch Project,” “American Psycho” and “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.” Amy retired from publicity in 2000 and took a trip around the world. Two years and 42 countries later, she settled in Seattle where she has worked in various capacities including, director of publicity and promotion at SIFF, festival director of the Reel Cinerama Film Festival, and producer of the Fly Filmmaking Challenge.



To continue our growth as a world-leader in higher education and research in the areas of digital media, simulation, and interactive computer technologies.

Institutional Mission

To provide an exemplary education and to further research in digital media, simulation, and interactive computer technologies by teaching the academic fundamentals and applied theory necessary for our students to lead, innovate, and advance these industries. Through the work of our students, faculty and staff, we strive to empower and inspire these industries on a global level.

Building on a strong foundation rooted in academics and industry experience, we challenge our students to apply their knowledge towards the creation of real-world products for the ever-advancing demands of a technological society. Embracing teamwork and creative exploration, our mission is to produce highly qualified leaders and originators who will instigate growth, productivity, innovation, and success in their professions and industries.

Core Values

DigiPen Institute of Technology holds certain values that guide it and endure through the changing environment in which it operates:

  • Excellence — Promoting excellence by preparing graduates with a solid foundation based on industry standards and professional ethics.
  • Diversity — Respecting social, cultural, gender and age diversity among students, faculty and staff by raising awareness and endorsing tolerance and acceptance.
  • Success — Valuing the life-long academic and personal success of students, faculty and staff by providing a strong alumni program and strengthening our relationships within and outside of the industry.
  • Innovation — Encouraging creativity among students, faculty and staff by seeking new, flexible, and responsive ways to achieve our mission and reach new heights.
  • Support — Endorsing a supportive environment for students, faculty and staff by emphasizing teamwork, collaboration, professional and academic support, and mutual respect.
  • Academic Freedom — Providing an energetic atmosphere by advocating intellectual inquiry, academic freedom, an open exchange of ideas, the application of knowledge, and the promotion of ongoing research and development.
  • Collaboration — Fostering collaboration and building partnerships with academic and industry groups to continue our growth, relevance and success.
  • Integrity — Instilling the importance of professionalism, accountability and ethics among our students, faculty and staff.

These values are reflected in the daily operation of the school and in the quality of the work and services produced by students, faculty, and staff.


Multi-platform Storytelling – Monday Sept 29th – 6:30pm
Filmmakers are now telling stories using multiple forms of media–sometimes simultaneously. Find out more about the interactive projects local artists are working on, in film, journalism, and more.

Vice President of Software Production;
Program Director (Game Design Programs);
Principal Lecturer, Game Software Design and Production

Benjamin Ellinger broke in to the game industry more than 20 years ago at Steve Jackson Games, where he worked on board games such as Car Wars and role-playing games such as GURPS. Later, he worked as a programmer and designer on real-time strategy games, including This Means War! and Dawn of War, and massively multiplayer online games such as Ultima OnlineAshen Empires, and The Matrix Online, as well as Bicycle® Texas Hold ’em, the Fable II Pub Games, and the secret Microsoft Natal prototype project.

Ellinger has worked for small start-up companies, as a freelance contractor, and full-time at Microsoft as both a developer and a program manager. He has taught at DigiPen since 2003.

Ellinger was born and raised in Austin, Texas. He began programming computers over 30 years ago, starting out on a Commodore PET in the late 1970s. Oddly enough, he has a Bachelor of Science in kinesiology with an specialty in weight training from the University of Texas; but while he has taken only a handful of computer science classes, he knows a great deal about practical coding from professional experience, especially in the areas of game logic, artificial intelligence, physics, and networking. He plays and designs card games, board games, and tabletop role-playing games in addition to computer games.

“Teaching at DigiPen is not a job – it is a calling,“ Ellinger says. “The students have a dedication and commitment to learning that matches any school in the world. As an instructor here, I have the great responsibility of taking enthusiastic and hopeful students and forging them into elite professional game developers. The standards are high, and not a single day can be wasted. But for anyone who loves to teach, there is no better place to be.”


Who We Are

The 48 Hour Film Project is a wild and sleepless weekend in which you and your team have a blast making a movie. All writing, shooting, editing and scoring must be completed in just 48 hours.

On Friday night, you are assigned a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and a genre, that must be included in your movie. 48 hours later, you must submit your film. Next? Your masterpiece will show on the big screen of a local theater!

In 2014 the 48HFP will visit more than 120 cities where more than 60,000 people will make short films. The Project has truly spread to the four corners of the globe as filmmakers from Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas will compete to see who can make the best short film in a weekend.

Our Mission

The 48 Hour Film Project’s mission is to advance filmmaking and promote filmmakers. Through its festival/competition, the Project encourages filmmakers and would-be filmmakers to get out there and make movies. The tight deadline of 48 hours puts the focus squarely on the filmmakers—emphasizing creativity and teamwork skills. While the time limit places an unusual restriction on the filmmakers, it is also liberating by putting an emphasis on “doing” instead of “talking.”

Our History

Back in May 2001, Mark Ruppert came up with a crazy idea: to try to make a film in 48 hours. He quickly enlisted his filmmaking partner, Liz Langston, and several other DC filmmakers to form their own teams and join him in this experiment. The big question back then was: “Would films made in only 48 hours even be watchable?”

The answer was a resounding yes, and now ten years later and with more than 900 competitions having taken place around the world, it is amazing to consider the success of the Project. 2014 marks the 13th time we’ve visited Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York and Austin, and the 15th time for DC.

Our smallest team has consisted of one person who sets up the camera then runs around to be “on-camera”. Our largest team to date was a team from Albuquerque with 116 people and 30 horses! We’ve had about 25,000 teams in the Project over the years, and at 13 people per team, that translates to roughly 325,000 people who have answered the call to come on out and make a movie.


purehome began as a way to help people choose the right paint colors for their homes. Colors that not only look amazing on their walls, but colors they can design around with confidence and ease.

We quickly realized that color was just the beginning. It’s the first step to creating a home, but definitely not the last. A color palette isn’t just paint – it’s rugs, furniture, art, wall paper, and yes, even dishes that turn a simple room into something more. Every single item in a home comes together to create one cohesive design. But where do you start?

With the expertise of our trusted designers, we help turn your designs and visions into an easy reality through personalized recommendations for paint colors, furniture, artwork, and more. Whether you’re starting a new home, taking the time to remodel, or downsizing to something more intimate, we’re here to help make your home distinctly you.

SFS 2014 PANELIST ANNOUNCEMENT: Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles

WA Film PAC, State Legislation, Advocacy – Saturday Sept 27th – 3:30pm

Hear about ongoing endeavors to influence legislation that supports film production and industry in Washington state from the people spearheading advocacy efforts. Share your own ideas for how policy can foster film production in the Seattle area and beyond.

Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, D-Seattle, has represented the 36th Legislative District in the Senate since 1994 after serving for three years in the state House of Representatives where she was Majority Whip. In addition to her position as ranking member of the Senate Higher Education Committee, Jeanne sits on the Senate Ways & Means, Rules, and Commerce and Labor committees. She is the secretary, and past chair, of the Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee, chairs the Joint Legislative Systems Committee and is a member of the Joint Higher Education Committee, co-chair of the Washington State Institute for Public Policy Board, Washington State Arts Commission, and Public Stadium Authority Advisory Committee. She represents Washington on the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, on the Education Committee of the National Conference of State Legislatures, and on the Committee on Advanced Tuition Payment. Jeanne is also a member of the UW Women’s Center Anti-Trafficking Task Force and, most recently, was named to the Statewide Coordinating Committee on Sex Trafficking and the Commercially Sexually Exploited Children Statewide Coordinating Committee.

She is available to speak to groups and organizations through the Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau on the topic of “Human Trafficking in Washington: From the Historic Mercer Maids to Sexual Exploitation in Internet Ads,” a primary focus of her legislative efforts. Jeanne is also a published author of academic and general readership books. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology of Education and M.A. in Sociology from UCLA and a B.A. and M.A. in Education from California State University Northridge (CSUN) and was a Fannie Mae Foundation Fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government’s Senior Executives in State and Local Government Program.

Jeanne worked as a public school teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District where she was a training and demonstration teacher and earned a school administration credential at California State University Fullerton. Jeanne was an adjunct faculty member in the Women Studies and Sociology Departments and College of Education at the University of Washington for 23 years. She was the principal investigator of two federally-funded research grants on child sexual abuse prevention and girls and women in school sports and has been an expert witness for lawsuits on Title IX and school sexual harassment.

Before moving to Seattle in 1985, Jeanne served as Assistant Dean/Coordinator of Women’s Programs at the University of California, Irvine, and Educational Equity Specialist for the U.S. Department of Education Region IX, assisting school districts in implementing Title IX. She also served as a consultant with the U.S. Office of Civil Rights, monitoring school districts’ compliance with nondiscrimination in education laws and regulations. In addition, she taught sociology, education and women’s studies courses at California State University, Long Beach & Fullerton.

Jeanne served as President of the Women’s Legislative Network of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) as well as NCSL’s overall vice Chair of the Standing Committees and as an Executive Committee member. She was a member of the Center for Women Policy Studies’ Legislative Leadership Council on Women and HIV/AIDS and a fellow with its Foreign Policy Institute and Global Power Program. She also was a fellow with the Center for Policy Alternatives’ Flemming Fellows Program and Eleanor Roosevelt Global Leadership Institute.

Jeanne is an international speaker on women in politics and public policy and human trafficking and recently took part in the Multidisciplinary Intellectual Exchange on Human Trafficking for Women Leaders from the U.S., Japan, South Korea and the Philippines in Hawaii and spoke on trafficking and domestic violence at the 2007 Vital Voices Global Partnership Women’s Leadership Summit in Kiev, Ukraine. Her legislation regulating international matchmaking organizations (mail-order bride protections) was the first enacted in the United States and served as a model for the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, enacted in 2005 and sponsored by U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell, D-WA, and U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen, D-WA. Thirteen of her anti-trafficking bills have been enacted into law since 2002.

Jeanne has been very involved in the community, e.g., currently serving as a member of the Queen Anne Helpline Board, Metropolitan Democratic Club Board and the U.W. Harry Bridges Labor Center Visiting Committee, and speaker with U.S. Department of State International Visitors Program, World Affairs Council, Seattle.

Jeanne has received numerous recognitions and awards, including: Lifetime Achievement Award from the Metropolitan Democratic Club (2013); the Visionary Leadership Award from the Committee for Children (2013); an A+ score from the Children’s Campaign Fund (2013); Washington’s Most Progressive State Senator by the Progressive Democrats of America (2013); an “A” rating on the Racial Justice Report Card from the Washington Community Action Network (2013); Legislator of the Week, Washington Low-Income Housing Alliance (Feb. 25-March 1, 2013); Woman of Courage Honoree, University of Washington Women’s Center (2012); Legislator Wine Integrity Award, Family Wineries of Washington (2012); Legislative Champion, Mockingbird Society (2013, 2012); Housing Hero, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance/Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness (2013, 2012 and 2011); Lincoln Freedom Award, Seattle Against Slavery (2010); Leadership Award, Statewide Poverty Action Network (2010); Legislator of the Year, Humane Society of the U.S. (2010); Special Recognition, UAW, Graduate and Professional Students of the U.W. (2010); Legislator of the Week, Washington BUS (March 6, 2009);  Shining Star, Planned Parenthood (2009); Washington Sizzle Award “Committee Chair of the Year,” FUSE (2009); Legislator of the Year, Progressive States Network (2007); Pacesetter Award, Women’s Legislative Lobby (2007); Ancil Payne Leadership Award, Washington CeaseFire (2007); Public Policy Official Recognition, Jewish Federation of Seattle and King County (2007); Louise Miller Arts Advocacy Award, Washington State Arts Alliance (2007); Angel for Children Award, Parents for Safe Child Care (2007); Champion, School Meals Access Coalition (2007); Legislator of the Year, SEIU 775 (2006); Legislator of Year Award, AFT-Washington (2006); Anchor Award, Washington Credit Union League (Feb. 2006); Legislator of the Month for human trafficking legislation, Center for Policy Alternatives (June 2005); Good Deeds Recognition, Washington Conservation Voters (2004); Queen Anne Citizen of the Decade, Queen Anne/Magnolia News (November 2002); Humane Hero Award, PAWS, Washington State (2002); Marching toward Equity Award, Washington Federation of Teachers (2001); Pacesetter Award, Women’s Legislative Lobby (2002); Honorary Advisory Board, National Education for Women’s Leadership Program (NEW Leadership), Washington State University (2001-02); Legislator of the Year, Washington Student Lobby (1999); Child Care Champion Award, Child Care Works (1998); Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Women’s Conference Circle (1995-98); YouthCare Advocate of the Year (1995); Washington Defenders Association and Washington Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys Advocate of the Year (1995, 1996); Woman of Achievement Award, Business and Professional Women—Washington State (1995).


Sharks vs. Jets – Saturday Sept 27th – 12:30pm
Seattle’s booming tech industry and vibrant design scene offer unique opportunities for filmmakers. If the future of the web is the moving image, Seattle is where that future is being built and designed. Learn and discuss where film fits into the picture.

Dan Pepper’s 25-year career path through graphic design, film& television production, digital media and software design is itself a metaphor for the evolution of technology and storytelling. After earning degrees in graphic design, television & film, Dan landed in Seattle to learn the ropes of the film & video production business. Over the next decade, he co-founded Rocket Pictures, one of the first commercially successful digital broadcast editorial companies on the west coast serving creative agencies, networks, major studios and independent filmmakers. As emerging technologies offered new business opportunities and creative paradigms Dan was inspired to found digital content businesses including stockphotography.com, stockfootage.com and legalforms.com. Today, he is Partner at Tectonic, a Seattle/Boston based design studio that crafts next-gen software experiences for brands including Bang & Olufsen, Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft, Beats by Dr. Dre, Xbox, and many others.


Get in the Game: From actors to screenwriters to makeup artists to composers – Monday Sept 29th – 8:00pm
Film professionals are finding work in Seattle’s ever-expanding gaming industry. As games become more cinematic and media-making becomes more interactive, hybrid projects are emerging.

Mark Long

Game designer, film producer, New York Times bestselling author and whack MC – Mark Long is the founder of Uno, a gaming wearable company based in Seattle.

Formerly the CEO of Meteor Entertainment and Zombie Studios in Seattle, Long has designed and produced over 31 video games – on every major platform from Sega Genesis to Apple iPhone.  He’s also the author of three graphic novels including the semi-autobiographical “Silence of Our Friends”.

Prior to founding Zombie, Long had a Research and Development career that spanned three laboratories: the Sarnoff Research Center, the Institute for Advanced Technology, and General Dynamics’ Combined Arms Systems Engineering Laboratory. While at Sarnoff, Long and his partner Joanna Alexander led a team that developed a virtual reality game console for Hasbro.

Long serves on the University of Washington Games advisory panel and has also served on a number of technical advisory boards and government committees including the Serious Games Summit, the National Science Foundation and the University of Washington Human Interface Laboratory. Long recently became a member of the Hollywood Producers Guild.

Long received his BS at the University of Texas, where he also received his commission in the US Army. He retired from the US Army with the rank of Major and is the recipient of the Army’s Meritorious Service Medal.