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John started his career as an associate producer on small films. He then worked as a military technical advisor. In 2000, he started Two Script Guys with his writing partner.  Together, they ran the largest writers’ communities in Orange County, CA dedicated to teaching and consultation with screen and TV writers of all skill levels.

An in-demand speaker and career coach, he has taught writing seminars to universities and writers’ groups throughout California and Washington. He now teaches at Bellevue College.

John’s greatest accomplishment has been the success of his students. Several have won prestigious prizes such as the Academy  Nicholl Fellowships and are working for various studios.

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Description of Services

 Screenplay marketing consultant, script analyst and pitch coach for all levels of experience



  • A hands-on approach to focused and strategic advice

  • Effective mentoring to identify your strengths and challenges

  • Aimed, precise and personal career coaching

  • Customized, actionable insights for defining and extending your brand

  • In-depth studio script  notes

  • Synopsis, treatment reviews and studio script reads

  • Preparation for meetings, pitch sessions or writers’ events

  • Online and ‘brick and mortar’ education and seminars (Teaches screenwriting at Bellevue College)