Uniting regional partners focused on workforce development through film and digital media.


Our Mission

The Seattle Film Summit empowers regional artists to develop innovative methods of storytelling, funding and distribution to shape a new, socially responsible film culture for the Pacific Northwest.

Basically, we want to make you feel like a bad ass who can’t be stopped.

About the Seattle Film Summit’s Premier Event (Nov. 16 & 17, 2019)

Serving digital creatives in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, the Seattle Film Summit is the only workforce development opportunity like it in the PNW. Writers, directors, producers and actors have the opportunity to meet distributors, acquisition executives, talent agents, attorneys, festival directors and others who provide services to the motion picture industry – to learn from and connect with them.

The Seattle Film Summit’s premier event is a 2-day-long series of interactive, educational panels and workshops focused on connecting our local industry to L.A., New York and the world.

The industry professionals who organize the Seattle Film Summit volunteer thousands of combined hours to making it happen, out of the belief that coming together and pooling our resources provides the keys to solving the issues we face.

There’s no one path, and there is no final ‘there.’ I try to remember that because it’s very easy to get swept up into the kind of Hollywood story of what it means to be a success or what it means to be successful.
— Netflix: Atypical | Executive Producer - Mary Rohlich | Seattle Film Summit 2018 Panelist