2019 Seattle Film Summit Buyers

The Seattle Film Summit connects Pacific Northwest content creators to distributors/producer reps/production companies so that projects will be seen and potentially purchased. In meetings with buyers, producers can expect the following:

  • Hone and strengthen networking and pitching skills.

  • Receive feedback about the viability of completed properties or those in development.

how to MEET WITH a buyer

Meetings with buyers are not guaranteed: Submission of your project does not guarantee it will be chosen, as we will have more projects than we will have slots available.

  1. You must purchase a badge for at least 1 day of the Seattle Film Summit to request a meeting with a buyer(s). Your badge confirmation number is required to submit the form.

  2. Submit your project information to a buyer(s) you think may be a potential fit for your project using the form provided for each buyer.

  3. Buyers will contact producers to schedule 1:1 appointments for projects they are interested in. Meetings may be at Seattle Film Summit or by phone/virtual.

What buyers will discuss with PRODUCERS

  • Completed projects (bring table and/or DVD to show trailer and/or portion of the film [trailers will glean more interest]).

  • Logline and 2-minute pitch for those projects filmmakers are thinking of producing (completed scripts, loglines, scenario, top sheet budget) to gauge saleability from the buyer.

  • Concepts (must have at least logline completed) to gauge saleability of the concept with distributors.